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Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch

What is it ?

  • It is a soft play surface made from recycled solid rubber (SBR) bark like shreds bonded with a resin.
  • A simple and environmentaly friendly soft and squashy surface
  • It is a cheaper simple alternative to wet pour that meets British safety fall height standatds
  • Requires only compacted soil and membrane for sub layer
  • Ideally it should go flush to timber edging but could also sink into the ground with no edging.


How it Works !


  • The rubber mulch and resin are mixed to gether to a  5:1 ratio
  • It is tipped in place and leveled to 40mm or 50mm depth with a trowel
  •  A 50mm depth provides for a critical fall height safety standand of up to a 1.6 metres
  •  A 40mm depth provides for a critical fall height safety standand of up to a 1.1 metres
  • The trowel is wiped clean with polysolv release agent for its final finish
  • After about 6-8 hours of exposure to moisture in the air it will have cured ready to walk on
  • The equiment can then be cleaned also using the polysolv
  • The coloured mulch arrives on a pallet in 10kg bags with the resin in 25kg kegs and the polysolv in 5 litre tins
  • Each square metre at 50mm depth requires 20kg mulch and 4kg resin
  • Each square metre at 40mm depth requires 16kg mulch and 3.2kg resin
  • Include some extra for the edging and surfaces not absolutely flat
  • Mix using a forced action mixer or a paddle mixer and tub for small jobs
  • Anchor play equipmet before laying bonded mulch
  • Call me at MonsterMulch on 0191 645 1685 for advice and support (Chris)


Coverage requirement per 1 square metre @ 20% resin
*prices exclude delivery and VAT
40mm depth 16 kg mulch with 3.2 kg resin  
50mm depth 20 kg mulch with 4 kg resin  

* prices excluding carriage and VAT


The Benefits !


     Resists compaction

      Dries quickly


    Resists freezing


    Not rot or blow away

Rubber mulch Is made from recycled solid rubber from vehicle tyres.  It is coated in a polyurethane flexible paint.  This paint is safe for children and the environment, containing no heavy metals. However, as with all painted products, it will oxidise and need recoating.  We would recommend every three to four years.  The rubber mulch should continue performing its primary function of critical fall height safety for many decades.  However when the paint wears off, it can cause a blackening, like when you rub your fingers along a car tyre. The advantage of rubber mulch is that it is simple and cheap to lay, requiring no ground preparation other than a heavy duty porous membrane. Whilst rubber mulch is entirely suitable for use as a playground surface, it will wear more quickly than a coloured wet pour surface. Therefore, it is recommended that areas of very high use (e.g. below swings, adjacent to roundabouts, at gateways and at the base of slides etc) are completed using a wear pad of coloured EPDM. 

Detailed Laying Method for Bonded Mulch !


  1. Rubber mulch and resin are delivered to site in 10kg bags mulch and 25kg kegs resin. To mix, you can use a Tubmix Bucket Mixer, a Paddle Mixer and tub, a clean Concrete Mixer or ideally a Forced Action Mixer.  It can even mix by hand avoiding contact with your skin. You will also need gloves, trowel, depth block, cloth, funnel, measuring jug, bucket and a porous membrane.
  2. Prepare the ground, flatten the soil as best you can. Lay the membrane over the soil area. Edging can be used otherwise the sides can just sink into a 10cm “V” trench at 45 degrees.
  3. Prepare the bonded rubber mulch mix, place 1 x 10kg bag or 2 bags if you are blending colours in the mixer and start turning. Ensure a full measure of binder from the keg goes in a measuring jug. The ratio is 5:1 by weight or 5:1 by volume (1kg = 1.1liters). Add 2kgs of resin to each 10kgs of mulch. Let the rubber and resin mix for 3-5 minutes or until an even consistency is achieved. Pour straight from the tub or via a bucket to the area being worked on.
  4. Use a block of wood to gauge a consistent depth. It can be tampered to the ground usually to 50mm. Do not compact/squash it. A two man experienced team could install in the region of 100sq metres per day.
  5. Caution: ensure that the mulch is dry and stays dry during curing.
  6. If you are leaving an edge to join to the next day, keep it jaggered so that lines are not obvious to the eye.
  7. Call MonsterMulch on 0191 645 1685 if you have any further questions.

Disclaimer: This system is designed to be installed for a wide variety of applications, subject to the performance requirements for your particular application and your existing site conditions, the degrees of preparation may vary. Coastal areas can be problematic with the salty air reacting with the coloured coatings. Also busy airport flightpaths can have atmospheric fuel solvents accelerating the breakdown of the environmentaly friendly colour mulch coatings. The result can be that after just a few years black from the rubber can start rubbing off (This does not happen with wetpour). This can be resolve with colour respray that MonsterMulch have the training and specialist quipment to do https://www.monstermulch.co.uk/rubber-mulch-respray-p36.htm. Please enquire [email protected]



MonsterMulch Critical Fall Heights (CFH) Chart - BSEN1177
Depth   Provides for CFH
 40mm  1.1M
 45mm  1.2M
 50mm  1.5M
 70mm  1.8M
 110mm  1.9M
 130mm  2.0M

BS7188 - Five other criteria, see below.

  • Slip resistance - dry = 64; wet = 52
  • Radius to ignition - 28.0mm
  • Tensile Strength 0.55Mpa
  • Ultimate Elongation 79%
  • Residual Indentation 4.22mm (No cracking, splitting or perforation.)

EN12616 - Water Porosity Test

* Results verified by Labosport

PDF download - Detailed Bonded Rubber Mulch Laying Method

Notes regarding Resin

  • We strongly recommend that it is MonsterMulch resin to be mixed with the rubber we supply.
  • The resin can loose its binding strength if it has been kept over 25c or is older then 6 months before it is installed.
  • Ensure no rain or damp on the mulch at the time of mixing and installation.
  • Ensure the temperature at the time of mixing and curing is not below 5c.
  • We recommend using our Polysolv cleaning agent on the trowel as the mulch is being laid.
  • Please note that rubber is flamable and can slowly burn from a single match !
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