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Refurbish and Respray

rummer mulch respray

  • Brighten up and protect your existing rubber mulch to be as good as and better than new.
  • Rubber mulch coating is biodegradable and will oxidate therefor a good coating protects it for years.
  • Rather than have the cost of a total re-install we can repair, clean and respray for just a fraction of the cost.
    This will require inspecting and reinforcing any weak areas and cleaning it for the respray.
    The respray is the most efficient way to add a number of coats that will make the rubber mulch more resilient than when originally installed.
    As this is a new product and so there are no long term studies but we believe this will substantially improve the play areas look and longevity.

  • Our equipment and procedures complie with the all product safety data sheet hazard warnings. 
  • It rapidly bonds with moisture in the atmosphere to become chemically inert.
  • Please email with details of your play area to be protected and your location for us to provide you a refurbishment quote.
    [email protected] 0191 645 1685

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