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Bonding Resins



Bonding Resins

What is it !
It is a polyeurothane resins for binding wet pour and rubber mulch.  It comes in 220kg drums and 25kg kegs.
Be aware the standard resins have a slight UV yellowing effect noticable in colours such as egg white, light grey and light blue
(For resin only orders, a minimum of 3 x 25kg kegs must be ordered).
The Benefits [of MonsterMulch resins] !
  • We have tried and tested many resins and supply only what we know is good and reliable.
  • A bonded aggrogates will not displace or move around
  • It will always look clean and tidy
  • It is porous and only requires a level soil sublayer (and membrane optional)
  • Any handy DIY person can mix and lay bonded rubber mulch
How it Works ! Guidelines


  1. It should be touch dry in about an hour and usable approximately 24 hours later
  2. Temperatures of the resin should not drop below 5c or above 25c degrees.
  3. A more detailed laying instruction guide available on request [email protected]
  4. All of resins are moisure cured (except the Aliphatic UV resistant which has a component B activator)


  • The winter resin and polyurethane resin in general will not cure below 5°C.
  • The winter resin has catalyst in it to make it cure faster at temperatures above 5°C but the following conditions must be taken into consideration.
  • The temperature of the materials is very important.
  • If the SBR, EPDM and the resin have been stored outside or in an area/vehicle which is less than 5°C then these items will also be close to that temperature.
  • It will take them a long time to warm up so even though the external air temperature may get above 5°C your materials may still be too cold 5°C or less, so try and ensure the materials are kept in an area where the temperature is as much above 5°C as possible (12-18°C is ideal).
  • Also once the materials are laid their temperature will drop quite quickly on a cold day even if they have been stored at a reasonable temperature.
  • As we get closer to the shortest day of the year the sun remains very low in the sky leaving a lot of areas in permanent or semi-permanent shadow on days with a clear sky.
  • It is possible for it to feel quite warm in direct sunlight but extremely cold in the shade so do not be fooled into believing it is warmer than it actually is on the surface being worked.
  • Also the sun sets early, before 4 o’clock in the afternoon but it gets quite low in the sky after 2 pm so there is very little heat to be gained from it on cold clear days.
  • Ideally any work should be finished before 2 pm during late November, December and January if a heavy dew or frost is expected otherwise there is a risk of white blooming occurring on the surface of the install.
  • The winter resin can be used at this time of year but the installer must be prepared to work quickly so I wouldn’t advise that an inexperienced team tries to do this.
  • The warmer the weather the faster the binder will cure of so there is no time for any delay when mixing and laying the wet pour. On a warm summers day we estimate that the installer has around an hour working time from the beginning of mixing to get the wet pour down and trowelled.
  • However, the more intense and direct the sun then the quicker the wet pour will cure so there is no time for messing around
  • The installer needs to be wary of working the wet pour once the cure has begun to take hold as this will lead to a weaker surface and often results in surface texture deviations.
  • A well drilled team shouldn’t really have any problems but if they find they are struggling to get the wet pour down in time they would be better stopping the installation and coming back when conditions are cooler and there is more shade either from clouds or nearby buildings.
  • It may be helpful to work under a gazebo/ parasol which can be moved and positioned to provide shade from the hot direct sun light. The shade provided will allow them more time to work the surface.


Disclaimers !


Please read and follow the safety cautions on the labels of resin kegs or drums.

We are only the suppliers of reliable quality rubber mulch and polyurethane binder. The process is so simple it has enabled many private individuals and new companies, schools, landscapers and other organizations to self install very successfully and there is a growing reputation that 'anyone can do it'.

But please consider that it is still a practical process with many variables which can affect the finished surface and therefore our guidelines should be taken as such. They are not instructions. Our policy is to be a materials supplier only and therefore does not provide pre site inspections or have installation teams of our own. Rubber Mulch' cannot therefore entertain any complaints or technical comments once our products have been mixed. If you feel you would like extra professional help we
would be pleased to forward any requests for onsite services to an independent company if requested.

Mulch Resin Data Sheet PDF

Mulch Resin Label PDF

© Copyright MonsterMulch Ltd  
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