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UV Stable Binder Part A (B required) - 25kg keg
UV Stable Binder Part A (B required) - 25kg keg
UV Stable Binder Part A (B required) - 25kg keg

UV Stable Binder Part A (B required) - 25kg keg

Size container

25kg keg

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UV Bonding Resins
(Aliphatic parts A&B resins)

What is it !
This is premium UV resistant alipathic resin for binding wet pour or rubber mulch
Without activator this would take up to 72 hours to cure.
The activator needs to be mixed at between 1%-3% to speed up curing apropriate to conditions.

Its difficult to say how much to mix as it depend on temperature and humidity.
but at a summer 20c degrees 1%-2% its timecome down to 8 – 12 hours,
That would be 40 grams mixed to a 25kg approx. prior to mixing with the rubber aggregate.

A method for mixing UV resistant resin

The binder is an alipthathic based resin that is UV resistant.
Therefor to speed up curing time mix in about 1% to 2% by volume the part B ‘accelerator’.
This would speed up the curing time to about 8-12 hours.
I suggest you put no more than half 1kg tin i.e. about 500g of the accelerator to the 25kg part A
Too much and it might start to thicken before completing the work.
Although it may be a small job you are doing.

Temperarure, humity, risk of rain and time to complete the job are factors.
Temperatures of the resin should not drop below 5c or above 25c degrees.
So it is not an exact science how much accelerator to use.
I would suggest mixing 400g-500g (less than half the tin) using a 'paint' drill mixer.
Or use a paddle mixer  with a 40 litre tub. 
Then in a second mixer place the coloured EPDM granules to mix in the 20% of resin as you go.



0613 Technical Data Sheet

Description and Application

ALIPHATIC ACTIVATOR 0613 is a catalyst (activator) containing an organotin compound. Is was designed specifically for accelerating the curing process of POLY ALIPHATIC resin, but can also be used to speed the cure time of MRi Polytech’s range of aromatic resins, for applications where a very short cure time is required. ALIPHATIC ACTIVATOR 0613 must be thoroughly mixed with the resin to achieve best results; poor mixing may result in uneven curing and surface defects.

Overview, Packaging and Storage

ALIPHATIC ACTIVATOR 0613 is supplied 25 kg plastic kegs or smaller quantities if requested. The product should be stored in dry conditions at a temperature of between 3 and 35°c. The shelf life of unopened containers stored under the recommended conditions is 12 months.

Usage Rates (by mass)
High Tensile Binders 0.5% - 1%
Standard Binders 0.5% - 3%

Colour Pale Amber
Viscosity (Poise @ 25°) 8 - 12
Specific Gravity (@ 25°c) 1.13
Non Volatiles (%)100
Flash Point (°c)>93


Disclaimers !


Please read and follow the safety cautions on the labels of resin kegs or drums.

We are only the suppliers of reliable quality rubber mulch and polyurethane binder. The process is so simple it has enabled many private individuals and new companies, schools, landscapers and other organizations to self install very successfully and there is a growing reputation that 'anyone can do it'.

But please consider that it is still a practical process with many variables which can affect the finished surface and therefore our guidelines should be taken as such. They are not instructions. Our policy is to be a materials supplier only and therefore does not provide pre site inspections or have installation teams of our own. Rubber Mulch' cannot therefore entertain any complaints or technical comments once our products have been mixed. If you feel you would like extra professional help we
would be pleased to forward any requests for onsite services to an independent company if requested.

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