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£80.00Economy Equestrian Rubber 800kg bag 

Economy Equestrian Rubber 800kg bag £ 80.00 In stock
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Bagged or Loose


Economy Equestrian Rubber Chippings

Made from recycled car, truck and lorry tyres, an equestrian surface manufactured by shredding and granulating tyres down to a 15-20mm chip. But this is raw and so will include some dust but will be 99% wire free.


• Minimizes leg concussion and protects horses feet and tendons
• Resists frost so the arena can be used all year round
• Very little maintenance or annual replenishment required
• Will not rot, decompose or blow away
• Gives sure footing
• The fibre within the chips prolongs moisture retention and reduces surface movement
• Improves drainage

How much will I need?

• 20mx20m = approximately 10 tonnes +
• 20m x 40m = approximately 20 tonnes +
• 20m x 60m = approximately 30 tonnes +

Rubber is usually added on top of the sand within your arena.

Otherwise mix 1 part equestrian mulch to 4 parts sand.

A tipper truck will hold up to 22 tons and cost  £400- £700 delivery. Please call and speak to  discuss the best method and vehicle to use. Collections can also be made.

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