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Is School Safe?

Things to consider when curve has flattened and natural herd immunity has been aquired

  • Children can play and learn with their friends once again!
  • Will be required to wear masks and distance 2 metres apart!
  • Will a drag queen story telling time will normalize transgender as their role model?
  • Will they be influenced to choose their gender from age 6?
  • Will the children be used to report on their parents behaviour?
  • Will all children be force vaccinated regardless of their parents wishes?
  • Will there be a mind control / indoctrination / propoganda / education program?
  • Will police and Social Services remove your child from home on information they provided?

Some questions you may wish to ask Head Teacher, Police or Council;

  • What is the scientific justification for children to wear masks?
  • Has a recommendation come from any,some or all of the government, NHS or risk assesment providers?
  • What are the proposed exemptions from mask wearing, for example  asthma, anxiety, allergies etc?
  • Have the practicalities and possible adverse consequences of say 15 children and teachers together in a classroom all breathing their own expelled breath been considered.
  • What alternative arrangements will be made for those pupils who might have skin allergies induced by frequent use of hand sanitisers.

It might be helpfull if guidence from the answers above be provided to all parents and pupils. Regards.
It now comes to our attention that during lockdown many primary schools have been equipped with 5G capability.

Many times more hazardous than WiFi due to its high band pulse modulation and direct energy beam forming.

Prior to the lockdowns even wifi was banned in French Primary Schools.

Parents need to know that children still have developing skulls much thinner than a fully grown adult

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