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EPDM granules 1-4mm 25Kg bag
EPDM granules 1-4mm 25Kg bag
Base Crumb SBR
Base Crumb SBR
Bonding Resin
Bonding Resin





What is it !

Wetpour is a most popular school smooth rubber safety surface.
Is is impact absorbent to the appropriate maximum fall height (see chart below).

It can be used around complex configurations of playground equipment and ground contours.

Wetpour rubber safety surfacing is recycled bonded rubber, mixed on site using special equipment and laid to exacting standards. The base layer is SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). The top layer is recycled EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Di Monomer). Virgin rubber can be supplied if requested.

Wetpour surfacing for playgrounds is slip-resistant and non-abrasive to young children.
It is porous, so no puddles. It allows for ball games can be played on it.
It can have colourful graphics created within the wetpour.
Games can also be added such as hopscotch, snakes and ladders, alphabet snakes, etc.

The Benefits of our Wetpour !
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • High spread rate,i.e. high volume to weight ratio thus cost effective
  • High elasticity.
  • Less filler such as calcium carbonate as with much imported EPDM
  • Full fade resistant colour
  • Quotes and methods provided
  • Installation service available
How it Works !


1) Solid base & border is required
2) It is pourous but consider drainage requirements
3) Mix and lay rubber crumb base (10% resin)
4) Mix and lay coloured EPDM top (20% resin)
5) Allow 12 hours for each layer to fully cure

Our Playground wetpour rubber surfacing system is designed to be laid onto the following solid sub-bases; –

  1. Up to 12mm stone no-fines concrete or open-textured bitmac
  2. MOT Type 1 stone (surfaces with a thickness of 50mm or more)
  3. Existing tarmac or concrete, subject to being in good condition
  4. Other existing surfaces/bases, subject to preparation in accordance with specific recommendations
Base layer per 1 sqm 2-6mm crumb Resin
20mm depth 12.5 kg 1.25 kg
25mm depth 15.6 kg 1.56 kg
30mm depth 18.15 kg 1.82 kg
35mm depth 18.75 kg 1.88 kg
40mm depth 25 kg 2.5 kg


Top layer per 1 sqm 1-2mm EPDM Resin
15mm depth 12.5 kg 2.5 kg
20mm depth 16.7 kg 1.7 kg
25mm depth 20.1 kg 2.0 kg



Critical fall heights !

Wetpour critical fall heights

Wetpour Mixer & Tools

CreteAngle Model L112


Forced action pan-type wetpour mixer available in a range of petrol or diesel engines. Designed for mixing rubber granules and low density, light weight materials with capacity up to 2 x 25kg bags (depending on model). Robust steel construction complete with safe guarding to head/pan and motor/engine/gearbox.






Roller straight  



Ideal for creating the perfect finish on large difficult to reach areas. All steel construction 114mm diameter roller complete with 1600mm handle. Available in a range of widths – 400mm, 600mm & 800mm.

Roller Trough


Lightweight fibreglass construction suitable for containing release agent and light solvent. Measures approximately 870mm long x 330mm wide x 160mm high, weight 2.5kgs. 



Float cropped



Wetpour long-nosed 400mm steel trowel. Ideal for achieving a perfect finish, particularly for intricate areas, graphics and around surface edges.

Drum Tap 1


2″ Treacle drum tap suitable for dispensing viscous fluids. Cast Iron body with brass faceplate for an excellent seal and easy flow control. Can be dismantled for easy cleaning.



Drum Stand


Drum trolley and pouring stand for 210 litre steel drums (250kgs). Suitable for most terrains. Measures approximately 1,220mm x 800mm wide x 310mm high. Height of bung 360mm, weight 22kgs.




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