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Rubber Crumb

Base Crumb SBR
Base Crumb SBR

*For playground granules see Wet Pour

Rubber Crumb

What is it !
  • Recycled car tyre rubber small granuals of differening grades.
  • Sometimes also known as SBR (shiny black rubber)
  • Primarily used as a base layer aggrogate for wetpour safery surfaces (30-50mm).
  • The top layer (15-25mm) is ususlly coloured EPDM granuler (see Wet-pour)
  • It can also be used to improve turf and garden lawns

How it Works !


For wet-pour base layer it can be mixed just 10-12% resin and ususlly about 35mm deep.
Grade 2 granule size 2-6 is adequate for this.
Rubber Crumb to improve lawns !




Improve the look of your law!

  • Resists compaction
  • Improves irrigation
  • Stops bald patches
  • Encourages root growth
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Use your lawn instantly


  • Used for a healthy and softer well drained lawn
  • It is impossible to compact rubber!

  • Walk ways, end of paths and any other heavily trafficked areas.
  • Improves drainage
  • Stronger and more active root growth as it improves aeration
  • High Use, Worn Areas, like the end of Pathways

Grade 2 granule size 2-6 is adequate for this.

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