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£1.00Rubber Chipping samples (Yeti) 

Rubber Chipping samples (Yeti) £ 1.00 In stock


  • Will permit use of £5 discount code "yeti" on orders over £50



Rubber Chipping 


What is it !


  • From car tyres made child safe
  • BS EN 1177 certification
  • Early years school play surface
  • All year garden play areas
  • Best protection against falls
  • Polyeuthothane colour coated
  • Low cost and low maintenance


How it Works !



  • Rubber is light and spreads further
  • Flatten soil and lay over membrane
  • Box in with 2x4inch edging staked down
  • Tip in the Rubber from the bags
  • Choose your delivery day


The Benefits !



  • Easy to use - Kids love it!
  • Dries quick, play in all weathers
  • Polyeurothane colours
  • No muddy footprints in house!
  • Deters to Dogs and Cats


Frequently Asked Questions
How much do I need?
MonsterMulch or Chip at a depth of 5cm (2”) will give sufficient protection for a fall of up to 0.7 metres (2’3”) over concrete and 3.3 metres (10'10") over grass. For this you require 20kg per square metre. However we recommend that you use at least 10cm (4”) immediately around any play equipment to ensure sufficient depth is maintained in these busy areas.
Does rubber chipping require a lot of maintenance?
No, just rake over occasionally to ensure a tidy appearance and to maintain the correct depth. Dead leaves and other garden debris can be removed with a hand held blower without dislodging the chippings.
What is rubber chipping made of ?
Recycled tyres with all traces of metal removed. 99.9% wire free and covered with a coloured polyeuthothane coat.
Is it rubber chipping expensive?
Initial costs are higher than with organic bark or wood chip,however as MonsterMulch does not rot or decompose it never needs to be replaced. Unlike bark and chippings which require regular topping up or replacement annually to retain their effectiveness as a safety surface.  
Is MonsterMulch Chipping safe?
When compared against other products tested
at similar depths  MonsterMulch offer superior fall protection and  conforms to BS EN 71 (part 3), and BS EN 1177, and are approved as a loose fill safety play surface. See what the US Environmental Protection Agency say http://www.epa.gov/osw/conserve/tools/cpg/products/playgrnd.htm
How long will it last?
MonsterMulch rubber Chipping is made from recycled vulcanised tyres and will last for up to 50 years. The coating would depends upon heavy wear but should still be good for 10 years normal uses.
Will Rubber Chippings stain my childrens clothing ?
No, the colour coating does not wash off and unlike organic materials will not stain clothing. You may choose to hose it down when you recieve it to remove any factory dust.
Will it be affected by mould or fungus growth?
No, as it is an inert and hydrophobic material it will not sustain organic growth such as mould.  
Does MonsterMulch freeze?
No, MonsterMulch will not freeze and because it does not retain water at all the area remains useable in all but the most severe weather conditions. 
Will it attract insects?
No, Rubber Chippings does not sustain insect life so avoiding the problem of it being scattered
all over your garden by birds and other visitors on the look out for a meal !
Bonding Agents ?
To bond 100 Kilos of rubber mulch would require 20 kilos of resin.

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