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£236.00Rope Walk 

Rope Walk £ 236.00 In stock
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 Rope Walk

Pine Type

Installation £250
 Not Required



Technical Data

Length: 3350mm
Width: 250mm
Height: 2700mm
Free Fall Height:

No safety surface required as critical fall height is less than 600mm. However we suggest allowing an appropriate free space around the item in compliance with BS EN1176.

Also available with Steel Feet (Additional Charges Apply)










Adventure Timber Trails
High quality sustainable sourced timber for a diverse range of adventure trail equipment.

 All products are manufactured on site by fully trained and experienced staff using only sustainably sourced timber of the highest quality. Whether you choose to have your trail components manufactured from UK Pine or Radiata Pine our customer focussed service team is ready to meet your exact needs to ensure reliability in both production and delivery.


With a choice of either complete trails or individual components to create your own designs, all items come complete and ready to install with clear installation instructions. All items and components meet the requirements of BS/EN1176. With either choice of timber species, all components are pressure treated with leading wood preservative - TANALITH E.


This advanced protection allows us to offer warranties against the threat of wood decay and insect attack providing assurance for our customers.

*Prices apply to mainland UK only

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