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£595.00Polyurethane Resin 220kg keg 

Polyurethane Resin 220kg keg £ 595.00 In stock
Size container
25 kg keg
220kg drum

UV Resistance


Bonding Resin 220kg


What is it !

It is a polyeurothane resin for mixing with rubber mulch which then sets solid to a cushined and safety play surface.
It can also be mixed with rubber chipping for a flexible path (popular with golf courses).

Please note whilst the drum may save about £100 you would require a spanner, a tap and cradle costing about the same.

The Benefits !
  • A bonded Rubber Mulch surface will not displace or move around
  • It will always look clean and tidy
  • It is porous and only requires a level soil sublayer (and membrane optional)
How it Works ! Guidelines


  1. The ground should be dry and free of dust before starting
  2. It will need to be kept dry for at least first 2 hours of curing
  3. This process can be laid strait on to grass but some porous membrane is advised
  4. Using a suitable mixer or tub blend in 2kg of binder into 10 kilos of rubber ratio 5:1 (20%)
  5. Mixed for around 5 minutes or until it looks evenly wet and consistent through out
  6. Move in tub or bucket out spread out to desired depth using trowel and a straight edge
  7. Keep tools clean by occasionally wiping with white spirit, parafin,WD40 or soapy water wiping dry
  8. Fit up to rubber kerbstones or simply taper the edges 45% into the soil level
  9. It should be touch dry in about an hour and usable approximately 24 hours later
  10. A more detailed laying instruction guide available on request [email protected]


Disclaimers !


Please read and follow the safety cautions on the labels of resin kegs or drums.

We are only the suppliers of rubber mulch and polyurethane binder. The process is so simple it has enabled many private individuals and new companies, schools, landscapers and other organizations to self install very successfully and there is a growing reputation that 'anyone can do it'.

But please consider that it is still a practical process with many variables which can affect the finished surface and therefore our guidelines should be taken as such. They are not instructions. Our policy is to be a materials supplier only and therefore does not provide pre site inspections or have installation teams of our own. Rubber Mulch' cannot therefore entertain any complaints or technical comments once our products have been mixed. If you feel you would like extra professional help we
would be pleased to forward any requests for onsite services to an independent company if requested.

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