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Ground Membrane

Ground Cover Fabric- heavy duty 100gsm
From £15
Ground Cover Fabric- heavy duty 100gsm

Ground Cover Membrane

Strong and porous hard wearing membrane recommended for loose rubber playgrounds

Can be used for wood, rubber and aggregates.
UVI Black Ground Cover Fabric (100g/m2) with Planting Lines for accurate planting


This ground  fabric allows water to permeate through whilst stopping the light that’s essential to plant growth and should be used where the fabric could become exposed to wear and tear such as Pets or Children, under gravel drives, decking or sheds and well used pathways.

Remove grass or weeds and treat with a herbacide if there are fiberous plants.

We always recommend using pegs to anchor the edges.

We offer widths from 1m, 1.5, 2m, 3m, 4m, 4.5m and 5m in various lengths

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