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£165.00GardenCare Rubber Chipping 500kg Forest Green 

GardenCare Rubber Chipping 500kg Forest Green £ 165.00 In stock
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GardenCare Rubber Chippings are ideal for using in gardening, landscaping & pathways.

We do not recommend that GardenCare Rubber Chippings be used for children’s play areas.

Made from 100% recycled products, which are cleaned, shredded, made 99% metal wire free & then brightly coloured to produce a highly durable, highly colourful & long lasting alternative to traditional chippings or bark.

Benefits of GardenCare Rubber Chippings:

  • Excellent alternative to bark chippings.
  • Clean, colourful & environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to install with little maintenance required.
  • No breakdown or deterioration, offering many years of trouble free use.
  • Protects & prevents frost damage to plant roots & soil over the winter.
  • No colour deterioration nor decomposition.
  • Helps suppression weeds while giving  drainage
  • Does not attract cats or dogs.
  • Helps deter snails, slug’s, insects & bugs.
  • Easy to Install and completely maintenance free afterwards.
  • Recycled product that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated.

Description of GardenCare Rubber Chippings:

  • Made from 100% recycled rubber products.
  • Coloured with safe water based acrylics.
  • GardenCare Rubber Chippings is the preferred surface for hundreds of gardens & parks throughout the UK. Not only does it offer best protection against weeds more than any other surface available it
  • never needs to be replaced & will not dis-colour.
  • Amongst its many benefits this easy to lay product offers all year round protection & usage, whether sun, rain or snow.

Installation of GardenCare Rubber Chippings:

  • Please wear gloves when laying out any GardenCare Rubber Chippings.

  • When laid on grass or bare earth we recommend that you lay our membrane

  • As GardenCare Rubber Chippings is a loose product we suggest that you create a retaining border around the area using timber or dig a shallow pit to hold the product.

  • Lay the Rubber Chippings to a minimum depth of 5cm around your plants, path or landscaped area.


Colours available:

Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey & Red.

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